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Getting you moving

Our bodies were made to move.


When we move, even just a little bit, our bodies and minds come to life.

Our muscles get warmer, more flexible, and more powerful. Our attention sharpens. Fluid flows through our joints, lubricating them so they move smoothly again. Our hearts pump fresh blood throughout our whole body. Our brains release chemicals to make us feel happy and to dull any pain we might be experiencing. And even after exercise, every part of our system goes into overdrive to help us recover and rebuild, so we can move again sooner and even better.


But modern city life has reduced our need and ability to move our bodies.

So our bodies adapt - but not enough. We do become better at not moving, but it's not how our bodies have evolved to work - the result is pain and discomfort.


I believe in honesty: so yes, sometimes things have to get a little worse before they get better. The first time you try to exercise, or the first time you get treatment or try to rehab a chronic injury, it doesn't necessarily make you feel good. It can be hard to know where to start.


That's why I'm here to support you through those changes.

I work with people to find what feels good because I believe our bodies are supposed to feel good, more often than not.

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