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I never offer free or discounted services or any other incentives for leaving a testimonial. All testimonials were freely offered by paying clients; if you would like to share your experience you can do so (anonymously, if you wish) by clicking the button below:

In short, whether you are looking for help with musculoskeletal aches, or you are looking to get stronger, fitter, restore your mobility or to look after your body after a battering,  I simply cannot recommend Claire enough. 

Here's my experience with her and I think that will explain my strong feelings on her ability, knowledge and kind mentorship:


I got in touch with her while preparing for major surgery involving several body parts. She helped me prehab and strengthen those muscle groups that I would have to rely on during my recovery. In the process, she also somehow helped me overcome serious chronic neck and shoulder pain- incidentally, something I had tried and failed to address with physiotherapy and exercise plenty of times before. I cannot overstate how much she improved my quality of life in what seems like the smallest intervention, a mere couple of sessions a week.


After the surgery - well I think that's when her skill and knowledge really shone as she stepped in with remote mobility sessions that helped me ten times more than the hospital trained physios that we charged with my care. As I found myself incapable of making my body do some of the simplest movements, Claire just found the right cues and positional tweaks for me to manage. And from there she continued to motivate me and help me navigate the tricky post operative time when you really have no idea how your new body works, let alone how much to push yourself before it becomes counterproductive or injurious.


Since then she has slowly nursed me back to health and strength - 3 months after a 13 hour surgery that had me unable to walk for a month, I was swimming, cycling and jogging, and 5 months after that I was skiing. A year on I am as strong as the next person and continuing to improve thanks to her genius support.

Ariadne, online movement coaching and massage

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