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What I do

All my services require that we - you, the client, and I, the coach and therapist - work as a team.


I assess from the outside, I advise and guide; you tell me how things feel, you give feedback; we adjust and refine.

I blend techniques and approaches from a variety of disciplines; from the most traditional lifting and sport massage techniques to evidence-based holistic approaches to pain management, via free-flowing movements and cues inspired by dance and yoga.


It’s equal parts science, art, hard work and play - and, often, a pinch of luck.

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Movement coaching

One-to-one training sessions aimed at correcting your technique, addressing areas of imbalance, and helping you understand how your body moves.

These training sessions are fluid and adaptable to how you and your body are feeling on any given day.

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Massage therapy

Hands-on treatment combining a variety of techniques from both sports massage and clinical massage, to release tension, stretch tight areas, and manage pain and promote recovery from acute or chronic injury. 

Your treatment will include self-care guidance that will help the benefits of the treatment last longer.

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Pre-natal and post-natal training

One-to-one training sessions for mothers-to-be or new mothers, focussed on preventing common issues during pregnancy (such as back pain) and with the aim of reducing recovery time after childbirth.

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Online injury assessment and self-care coaching

Everything you would get in clinic, minus the hands-on component; a thorough case history, orthopaedic assessment, coaching through any relevant exercises or stretches or myofascial release techniques, and recommendations to see other practitioners if appropriate.

Services & prices: Services


New client massage



Includes initial consultation and case history, orthopaedic assessment, hands-on treatment and home-care advice.

Follow-up massage



Includes assessment of any new pain or injury, hands-on treatment and home-care advice.

Studio movement coaching

60mins for €85

​or 30mins for €45


Includes an appropriate warm-up and any necessary stretches.

Currently unavailable - contact me if you know a studio in Luxembourg you'd like to see me at!

Online movement coaching

€30 for 60mins

or €15 for 30mins


Can be used as stand-alone sessions, or combined with your own off-screen warm-up and cool-down.

No equipment necessary!

Available on Zoom, Whatsapp or Google Meet.

Online injury consultation and self-care coaching


45 - 60mins

Includes a thorough case history, orthopaedic assessment, and self-care guidance (which may include exercises, stretches, self-massage techniques, or recommendations for referral to another practitioner). 

Available on Zoom, Whatsapp or Google Meet.

Package prices available

Mix and match services

I pride myself on offering a flexible and adaptable service.

It is likely that you will benefit from a combination of services: for example, an hour-long studio training session and a half-hour online session weekly.

Get in touch to ask about a bespoke package to suit your needs.

If you feel you would benefit from my services, but these rates are prohibitive to you, please read about my Pay It Forward scheme and do reach out.


I'm here to help.

Services & prices: Pricing
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